Saturday, May 16, 2009

How I Got From There to Here

My friend Marianne blogged about that moment that everything seems to work out and the fabled contract offer is extended. Here's my story.

About 2, maybe 3 years ago, I had this idea for a NASCAR novel. It didn't pan out (As of yet), but it got me writing. While working on that novel, I got an idea for a pompous actor to hook up with a writer who's totally not Hollywood's standard for hot, but her personality makes her outshine the best looking superficials.

Well, I worked and worked on this MS and finally thought it was ready to send to my BF. Not the best idea (and not because she wasn't harsh, she was) but she's one of my close friends. I've known her since high school. Let me tell you, a crit partner is invaluable, but if it's your BF, she or he may tell you it's great when it's not. If you get lucky enough to find one who is honest and blunt - great, but don't count on it.

Then I received a rejection on another work that really needed help, but at the time I had no idea it was that bad off (Again here's where the crit partner helped immensely - she pointed out my lack of crisis in the story). Anyway, I signed up to work with another crit partner. Kathleen worked and worked with me (And made me schedule time to get Right right). It made me focus more and made me believe in the work.

We set a submission date for the first of March, but I got mine done a bit before Kathleen, so I sent mine in a week early. The coolest thing is that I titled the MS Right Where I Need to Be because Logan realizes that Hollywood isn't where he belongs (plus I love Gary Allan), now I got to see Gary Allan in concert the week after I submitted. He sings the song Right Where I Need to Be. HE DID IT IN CONCERT THAT NIGHT! I was so excited! Then he did some of the other songs that I used as inspiration for the novel. I loved it. Plus, that week I got to see my favorite NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer at the Auto Show in Cleveland. How cool!

After a bit of chasing and pestering, I found out that Right went to a real live editor. Even cooler!

Well, I didn't hear anything from anyone for over a month and got worried. I had some bad experiences, so I decided to check into things. On the Friday before Mother's Day, I got the blessed email with the CONTRACT! How awesome.

Since then, I've busted my behind getting ready with edits that were suggested before she really digs into it. I hope these edits help it for later. Don't know because at this point, this is all new to me, but a lot of fun (even when it is difficult).

When did that stroke of luck happen for you? Let me know!


Marianne Evans said...

Hi, sweetie!! Thanks for the 'add' by the way - and I have to SQUEE right now! Honest to goodness? My third book ever written was a mainstream about Indy Car Racing!! My DH and I LIVE for the month of May! However...I kept hearing comments from editors like "Oh, no. Sports stories don't sell." My second book ever written (and my second sale ever....LOOONG after it was written...) was Right Hand Man -- the story of a musician and the TV producer who chronicles his band's world tour. When I first marketed the MS, I kept hearing: "Oh, no. Musican stories don't sell." Sigh!!! I've since read many wonderful racing and musician based stories. Anyway, long story long, I wanted to read your blog today and tell you I'm so glad to hear of your happy ending. Great blog, Wendi!

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks. I still need to go back and work on the NASCAR book, but hte cool thing is that I worked a bit of racing into Right. Cass sponsors a dirt race team - which is my favorite type of racing. I think once I get the bugs out, the NASCAR one will be great and sellable. Thanks for the SQUEE!!