Friday, May 15, 2009

Chocolate, Mt. Dew, and Editing

I love chocolate. Those who know me well, know there are three things I can't live without: books, chocolate, and research... well, if you don't know what i mean... don't ask.

I am knee-deep in edits for my novel Right Where I Need to Be. I finally figured out the ring tones on my phone and got Right as my ring tone! That was my little reward for getting the contract. Anyway... I found myself getting to that point where I knew I needed to go on, but really didn't want to.

What do you do in that situation? I reach for the chocolate and the blasted Mt. Dew. Neither really makes me think any better or see anything clearer, but it does make the day a little more enjoyable.

I know it won't make writer's block any easier, but, save for muse intervention, very little will.

So embrace the day, the chocolate, and the extremely-bad-for-you soda and smile.

I am.

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