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Feature ~ Alchemists of Archangel by Tina Holland

The Alchemists of Archangel by Tina Holland

Series: Archangel Revolution

Genre: Steampunk, Gaslamp Fantasy, Alternate History, Romance

Release Date: December 30, 2020

Publisher: Book Boutiques

Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs


When scientist Abigail Phelan is accused of murder, she must prove her innocence despite not remembering the crime.

Inspector Raven Clark knows Abbie didn’t kill the miner, but she is tied to the killer.

Abbie and Raven begin a search for both the killer and her memories bringing them closer to the truth and one another.

But when Archangel residents fall ill from a bizarre pandemic Raven must hunt for the killer while Abbie battles a ravaging disease. 

Will they discover the identity of the murderer before losing everything they’ve found?


She shot him a brief glare before concentrating on her plate. “As I suspected, the Gunns have left you alone with me.”

“Did they? Whatever for?” Laurel and Ben could not have guessed his attraction to this vulnerable beauty. Could they?

“So you could begin your interrogation of me regarding Cornelius Turner’s death.” She tilted her head.

He scanned her evaluating her. “I doubt you had anything to do with Mr. Turner’s murder.”

She leaned forward, “So foul play is suspected.”

“I’m afraid so. What can you tell me about that night?” Raven couldn’t help but wonder how this tiny breath of a woman was wrapped up in Alchemia’s gruesome murder.

“I can’t recollect much from the night of Mr. Turner’s murder. I’ve tried but every time I search my memory, my throat locks up, and I feel my limbs numb and my brain becomes foggy. It sounds strange, I know. Doctor Gunn says my symptoms are similar to shell shock.”

“I’m aware of the disorder.” His mind burned with the memory of his own experience.

“I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. Cornelius was a wonderful man and very kind to me and my birds.”

“Tell me about him.” Her voice soothed him, despite the fact he found birds as exciting as watching a clock tick.

“Cornelius was my first canary courier. The couriers run the birds to and from the mines. They also have to sit with the fledglings so the birds become used to them. Cornelius even went so far as to watch the hatchlings. He was a surrogate to many of the colored canaries.”

“Was he collecting birds from you that night?”

“No. I went to town.”

“To meet him?” Raven wondered if more passed between Abigail and Cornelius.

“No to meet with…” Abigail began to rub her temples. “I’m sorry I don’t remember.”

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About the Author:

Tina studied journalism at University and then went to work for a fortune 500 company working Logistics for over 20 years. She now writes full-time and helps her husband run his Crop Dusting business in the summer months. When she’s not writing she likes to travel, read and spend time with her farm critters.

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