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Book Blast ~ Cuff Me, Sir by Lynn Burke

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Cuff Me, Sir
Bonds of Worship 3
Release Date: November 19, 2019


He promises distraction from her grief.

She falls captive to his heavy hand.

Luna fulfills Rian's desire to be needed, but will the truth of who he is break her trust? ​PURCHASE 

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Natalie all but pulled Luna toward me in a pile of tulle and silk, one a fluff ball of white, the other wrapped in a horrid shade of yellow. A purposeful stride and determined glint carried Jordan’s new wife toward me. I focused on the woman whose hand she clasped, dragging her along through the tent. My gaze finally connected with Luna’s for the first time, and I damn near lost my breath. Little Luna Perez, petite Latina with lush tits spilling from that golden dress that tucked neatly around her tiny waist. Too damn young, but too damn hot to ignore. My dick swelled, and I turned my focus back on Natalie, raising an eyebrow. “What the hell?” I’d forgotten Brock stood beside me—a close friend of mine and the JAG owners—and our pilot. “Thought she was off-limits,” he muttered when I didn’t respond. “I thought so, too,” I mumbled a second before the two women approached, Natalie yanking Luna forward to stand before me. I lost myself in her amber eyes with their flecks of gold. But, Natalie had put her in front of me—I wasn’t about to ignore the gift of being allowed to look my fill. “Luna, this is Rian,” Natalie said, not sounding pleased in the least over the introduction. “Rian, my younger sister.” She huffed an exasperated sigh. “She needs a distraction.” I jerked my focus toward Natalie. “Excuse me?” “A. Distraction.” Her dark eyes glinted as she scowled up at me. “I trust you can give her something to think about?” Her words settled into my brain, jerking my dick in my damn pants. “I thought she was off-limits.” “I changed my mind.” Natalie didn’t sound too happy about that fact. “But if you hurt her—and you know what I mean—I’ll make you beg for death before I’m done with you.” Brock chuckled. I didn’t. I knew exactly what Natalie was telling me, and it wasn’t hard to understand why. My stomach fucking fluttered like it did when I used to be a kid and was about to try something new. I shifted my attention back on Luna to find her peering up at me with blown-out pupils, the pulse in her neck throbbing, her brow furrowed. Satisfaction sped through my system, hardening me to the point of nails. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” “You, too,” she said, her voice full of husk and lust. I clenched my teeth against a groan wanting to rumble up from my chest. “What are you doing, love?” Jordan asked from the other side of Brock. I hadn’t even realized he’d approached us. “Probably making a mistake.” Natalie released Luna’s hand, wound her arms through Jordan’s and Brock’s, sandwiching herself between the two men. “You have my blessing,” she told me, her pointed chin lifted and eyes flashing. “Just make sure you have her permission first.” “Of course.” “I better not regret this,” Natalie grumbled and turned, pulling my friends away in a rustle of silk. “Kick his ass if he doesn’t deliver,” she shot over her shoulder at Luna. Jordan glanced over his shoulder at me, his eyes full of threat. Hurt her, you hurt my wife. I dipped my head in acknowledgment of his unspoken threat and turned to find Luna glancing between Adam and me. “Well, that was awkward as hell,” she muttered, craning her head back to peer up at me once more. I studied her face, the freckles on her nose, her pouty lips, and the slight indent in her chin. Flawless—hot as fuck—and young enough I wondered if she knew what her sister had just done, what she’d given her blessing for me to do. Having a green light, however, I wasn’t about to waste time wondering. I handed my drink to Brock without looking at him. “Lucky fuck,” he muttered, taking the glass from me. Ignoring him, I held out my hand to Luna. “Care to dance?” She studied my hand, then my eyes. “Somehow I get the feeling booze might be safer than touching you.” I laughed loudly and when I sobered, I found one of her dark eyebrows arched with the kind of sass that shot an ache through my balls. “Give me your hand, little girl,” I said, my tone one most didn’t deny, “and I promise I won’t hurt you—unless you ask me to.” 
  © Lynn Burke 2018

Cuff me teaser 2


Jordan knows everyone wants to use him for his family name and wealth. 
Natalie is forced to take on the heavy responsibility of a troublesome sibling. 
Can Natalie prove to Jordan that the only thing she wants from him is his love and dominance? Or will a misunderstanding cause Jordan to lose the submissive of his dreams? 

Amazon Universal: http://mybook.to/BINDMESIR 

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Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

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