Thursday, March 24, 2016

Out Now ~ Sunflower Touches by Cheryl Oblon

I love this book and am so glad I was able to read it already. I hope you'll love it, too. 
Here's a little bit about the book. Check it out!!

Sunflower Touches by Cheryl Oblon
YA, Contemporary
253 pages

One more Brady Bunch joke, and I swear I will ugly cry in the corner!
Dad took seven years after Mom died to find the right woman. My stepmom is nice. I have no complaints but one. Like Dad, she has three daughters. If math is your defect, that’s six teenage girls in one house.
At least, we have a new house, but we also have a forced bonding project. It’s not a camping weekend—that’d be lame, but short. We have to share our craft and creative skills as a group to help each other with stuff. That’s what I get for offering to help with decorating this drab house. Even worse, it has to be recorded for the parents.
Add that to school, boys, friends, and our own stuff…when am I supposed to have any fun? I’m glad Dad is happy, but the sister explosion was never in the plan. I’m the oldest. I’m hoping a stepmom will free me from being mini mom. Maybe I’ll find the freedom to pursue my art, spend time with some interesting guys, and enjoy what’s left of high school.
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