Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Moans

I've got this secret...there's this woman I'm infatuated with. Have been for years. Seventeen to be exact. I can't get her out of my mind. I've never even kissed her, but damn...those legs, those eyes, and then there's her smile. I know she knows I exist, but isn't that a kick in the ass...she's not at all interested in me.

Oh, Wendi just informed me I should tell you who the hell I am. **Shrugs** The name's Tanner Connolly. I own my own construction business, Connolly Inc. We got the job to demolish the Mason Senior High School. Pity since it's a pretty building, all swirlys and flowers and stuff. But, it's falling apart. There's this awesome auditorium inside--box seats lining the room and a killer balcony. Actually, yeah, it's a killer since the floor is weak in spots and missing in others. I used to sit and watch all those boring musicals the drama kids put on just so I could see her.

Wondering who the 'her' in question is? Macy Shibley. She sat behind me in English class. Listened to my endless reasons why she NEEDED to listen to Pearl Jam and how football was the lifeblood of every man. Ok, so I was a jock. It happens. But I loved spending time with Mace. Granted we only ever spent time alone when football season wasn't in season and when the assholes I hung out with were busy doing whatever it was they did with their girlfriends. Hey, I never said I had the coolest friends.

Except Mace. She managed to stay in my brain for seventeen years now. But the fifteen year reunion is coming up. It's my chance to make the honey haired vixen mine.

If she'll have me. Yeah, I"m still working on my game plan.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm open to any advice.

~ ~

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