Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Thanks, A Join Me, and A WINNER!

What am I doing... blogging, and working out the first draft of a new story... a contemp that's got a country musician in it.... on the iPod: Brilliant Disguise...*sigh* I love the classics...

First of all, thanks to everyone who followed me on my blog tour. It was a great success and I loved every minute. I got the most comments on The Bibliophilic Book Blog, My Reading Addiction, and Helen's Heroes. I want to thank Goddess Fish for doing a fab job setting up and mediating the tour. You ladies rock.

Now on to the WINNER!!!! Now because I tend to comment back to everyone who commented to me... I put all the names --minus mine-- from the three blogs into a hat and the winner is......

Tracey - booklover0226!!!!!

Congrats Tracey!

And last but not least, the join me. I'm chatting over at the Long and Short of It's Yahoo group today. Want to join me? I'd love to have you! Here's the link.

And yesterday I was the featured interview. Want to read it before you chat? Here's the link for that, too

Toodles for now!

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