Monday, December 14, 2009

It's My Turn

Logan and Seth told me this is a great place to stop. Logan claims there are some good looking girls. Seth, well, he doesn't say much unless you want to talk airplanes.

Me? Well, I can't give you many details. Most of what I do is classified. Why? Well, I have this gift. I can shift. Into what? That's classified. (But no, I won't cause bodily harm and, no, I won't tell you.) But I like to talk sometimes. I've seen a lot of the world. I love my family and deal with my fiancee's family. They can't accept what they don't understand. But then there's my Jamie. She gets me when no one else does. She's my rock. And she's a damn fine kisser. But those are a few more details than I should divulge.

I was asked what my ideal woman would be if I didn't have my Jamie. If she left me? Honest? I'd probably immerse myself in my work. If she walked away, then I'd know I was the cause. Sound sappy? Who gives a fuck. If she passed before me? I'd be a lonely man, but I'd never take another. My bond with Jamie is unique to us. She's it for me and I am damned lucky.

I'm sorry if I didn't entertain you like Logan. He's suave, but he's full of himself. I guess I'm more like Seth, but there's nothing wrong with the strong and silent type.

Take it easy, value your freedom, and pray for the troops.

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