Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A-ha! I got in!

So this is blogging...hmmm...

Wendi said I shouldn't twiddle with her blog, but sometimes you just gotta get your message out there.

You may be wondering who I am. If you don't know by now--and you should--I'm Logan Malone. You probably saw me in Blood Rites, Shakermaker, or the romantic made for television movie Broken Wheels and Broken Hearts. Oh and I was raked number three on the Hottest Bachelors of Hollywood list by Delish Magazine.

Don't remember those? Well, phooey. Never saw the list? Better go find it... it was out a couple years ago.

So she told me if I showed up on her blog, I was supposed to talk about the type of women men want. The jerk in me would tell you he wants a woman who's breathing. I told you--he's a jerk.

So what type of woman do I want?

I myself like women who are real--not trying to be someone they aren't. Pop culture tells women that they have to be skinny and endowed to be beautiful.

I disagree.

I'd rather hold a woman with curves. One who takes care of herself, but isn't afraid to have a steak for dinner.

I like women who aren't afraid to laugh and laugh at themselves. I'm a sucker for physical comedy... I'm sorry--if someone falls down--I laugh.

Long hair, the kind I can run my fingers through--big turn-on.

But I'm getting long winded and there's a certain woman I can't wait to bump into. You might have heard of her--Cass Jensen. Oh man! She rocks my dreams, but I'd rather keep that private.

So long for now--unless I decide to break into Wendi's blog again.


Helen Hardt said...

What a great introduction to your hero, Wendi! You know I love my heroes ;). Do you have a release date yet? Be sure to let me know so you and Logan can visit my blog!

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Isn't he a ham? I'm telling you... you leave that darned blogger open one time... **grin**

Glad you like him. The release date is May 7th from the Wild Rose Press!


Kealie Shay said...

WOW, he's definitely a handful. You need to be more careful with your Blogger, girl! Then again, if you were we wouldn't get to meet Mr. Logan.

Oh, and Logan, Darlin', lovin' the belt buckle. ;-)

Clare Revell said...

Please don't tell Kyle how you managed that one Logan. Becasue he's desperate to do something other than dance on egg shells around Holly right now. See he knows something she doesn't and when she finds out... well lets just say there'll be fireworks, and i don't mean the kind that go off when you kiss someone either.