Monday, June 22, 2020

Embracing Water by Mary Dean #embracingwater #covenqueensseries #marydean #pnr #supernaturalacademy #waterelement #kindleunlimited #newrelease #checkitout #getitnow

Embracing Water by Mary Dean

Can Talise embrace the truth of who she really is?

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#embracingwater #covenqueensseries #marydean #pnr #supernaturalacademy #waterelement #kindleunlimited #newrelease #checkitout #getitnow 

Talise, abandoned by her parents as a baby, grew up as the bad luck child in the system. Every home she went to an accident happened. She is now an adult, having just graduated college and convinced she will spend the rest of her life working at the orphanage she lives at.

She is then visited by a man and woman from Waverly Academy in Mystic Haven, Louisiana who offer her a job as a teacher's aid. She is skeptical but jumps at the chance to leave her current life. Soon she is finding out things about herself she never knew. Like that she is a water element witch. She is now aiding her new friend Aiden in teaching his water element magic class, while figuring out conflicting feelings about him and her new friend Hardy.

As if trying to fit into this new world isn’t enough, there is a stranger who states she knows more about Talise's past than any one will reveal. Soon Talise is finding out secrets and also fighting her own life and the ones she loves.

This novel is part of a multi-author collaboration and can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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