Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still Waiting - So Here's Some Hot Reads to Check Out!

It's like Christmas all over again... except that I'm not guaranteed the big payoff.

I'm still waiting on a response from The Wild Rose Press concerning a contemporary novel and spicy novella I submitted. I know, I know... patience is a virtue. I know, I know... what will happen will and what won't, won't.

So in the mean time, I thought I'd send a shout out about a few really great reads I found. Check them out - you might find you like them too!

Best of Intentions - Michelle Cary - The Wild Rose Press - A sweet read with a psychic twist! Former high school sweethearts Devin McFadden and Tessa Parker reunite to rekindle their love after a tragic accident. Can they accomplish their goals and catch a murderer?

The Sweetest Sin - Lexie Davis - Total-E-Bound - He’s a rock star dealing with an overwhelming sense of entitlement – to Callie. She’s an overworked, underappreciated overachiever working for Sin, the ultimate rocker. What happens when he shifts from Overindulgent Sin to The Sweetest Sin? Callie gets the ride of her life.

Engaging Deception - Summer Jordan - Total-E-Bound - Erin Fox wants the tall, dark, and handsome love of her life to swoop in, sweep her off her feet, and help her prove to her mother that she really is engaged. Joe wasn’t the right guy and neither was Mitch, but Derek thinks he could be. There’s only one catch… he’d engaged! So is the story of Engaging Deception.

Closer to You - Marie Rochelle - Phaze Books -One heroine with trust issues plus one hero with the insatiable appetite for the heroine equals one hot read! Such is the case with Closer to You.

And My new Favorite:

Damn Good Man - Michelle Witvliet - The Wild Rose Press - Have a house to sell? Ask for Gwen Marconi. Have a heart longing for its perfect match? Ask for Dr. Joel Hubbard. Want a sexy love story that combines the best elements of both? Then you need to read Damn Good Man.

You can find all these in ebook format from their respective publishers. Enjoy!

More later!

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